Rezzil, a virtual reality training provider, has announced the debut of ‘Rezzil Player 21’, its home consumer version. Available on Valve Index and HTC Vive, the firm has created Rezzil Player 21 with its virtual reality simulation technology, which helps train professional football club players worldwide.

Vincent Kompany, the Anderlecht player-manager and a former Manchester City player, has backed the Rezzil Player 21 along with other ex-football professionals. The system puts users in the elite players’ football boots with ‘actual’ drills and challenges created in conjunction with physiotherapists and sports coaches.

Sharpen their skills

As per the company, Arsenal, PSG, and Manchester United are some of the football clubs that are using Rezzil to train both their primary and youth academy players. The firm also mentioned that the French Football Federation, the English FA, US Soccer, and many other global federations are using their training platform for the next generation of talent and also to sharpen their skills during the present pandemic.

Real football scouts

The VR system challenges players with training drills that mirror the way professional players train in reality and allows people to interact with a digital ball. Rezzil Player 21 assesses players’ shooting capabilities and movement patterns to build a range of detailed data points and stats from a training session. Also, users can upload this data to leaderboards worldwide, and as per Rezzil, real global football scouts can potentially discover them through this.

‘Rezzil Player 21’ – A Consumer Version of Rezzil’s VR Football Training Platform

Andy Etches, Rezzil’s Sports Director, talked about how their virtual reality tool proved to be essential for the top global football clubs. It delights them to present people at home the chance to use Rezzil Player 21 and play like the best. They know that the COVID pandemic has affected both the amateur and pro players, and thus, Rezzil is an excellent way to sharpen their fine football skills. Etches also talked about how the home players can upload their stats, and then the real scouts can then select the superstars of tomorrow.

Top-class training

Vincent Kompany commented about the platform and said that professional footballers must be at the top of their game. Kompany further depicted that the firm’s training and drills provide top-class training excitingly and competitively, which pushes both the mind and the body.

Rezzil Player 21 Key Aspects:

  • Lets users train with the same virtual reality technology that Rezzil presents to professional teams to help coach footballers around the globe.
  • Users get free ‘Finishing Challenge’ with time limits of 30, 60, or 90 seconds.
  • Free ‘Endless’ mode that allows users to indulge in the Finishing Challenge at a more casual practice session.
  • In-app credits purchase lets users unlock Adidas products in-game. It includes boots and footballs

For free on Steam

At this moment, the Rezzil Player 21 is available for free on Steam. The virtual reality system is compatible with Valve Index and HTC Vive headsets and needs VIVE Trackers and straps. Rezzil has mentioned that it plans to launch its football training solution on other virtual reality platforms in the future.