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Got talent in the art department and love gaming? Then you’ll be excited to hear StickyLock Games is hosting a Mascot Contest! Since our community is growing, we thought we’d need a good representative and this is where you come in. Create a mascot suited for StickyLock Games in your preferred style, send in your submission and have a chance to win a €100 Steam gift card! Make sure to enter your mascot art before July 19th 00.00 CEST.


#1: €100 Steam Gift card

#2: €50 Steam Gift card

#3: €25 Steam Gift card


1. Create a great mascot suited for StickyLock Games!

2. Only 100% original submissions are allowed.

3. Pssst, we’d love an octopus (but if you have a great idea we can be persuaded!)

4. Make sure your submission is family-friendly (no 18+, offensive/obscene content)

5. Go to https://forms.gle/BHNmiN1u8CNBprLw7

6. Fill in the Google Form and make sure to upload your submission

7. Don’t forget to fill in your social accounts if you want to be credited with them!

That’s it! DONE!

Make sure to follow our socials to stay up-to-date on the contest! (listed down below)


1. Send in your submission(s) NOW! Or at least before July 19th00 CEST

2. The three best will be announced July 22nd

3. After which a voting round will start on all our StickyLock Games social accounts

4. That means Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord! Links are in bio!

5. Voting round ends on July 30th00 CEST

On July 30th the winners will be announced!

This contest is open worldwide. Multiple submissions per person are allowed.

This contest is hosted by StickyLock Games and not affiliated with Steam.

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