Window Wonderland is a unique, interactive, and magical way to walk and explore Toronto’s Junction neighborhood. MEDS Junction Pharmacy is presenting this exciting event from 14th November 2020 – 31st January 2021 and will be the area’s first annual immersive urban art-walk. The exhibition will transform the region into an engaging, magical, and interactive outdoor gallery. The event will showcase local animators and artists, and along with augmented reality, there will be an impressive public art display.

MEDS Junction Pharmacy has partnered with Buds Collective to present Window Wonderland. The Canadian organization presents local makers and artists with opportunities, fair compensation, visibility, and access to different resources. It also includes Augle, an art and lifestyle mobility platform that lets users view an enhanced perspective of the world through augmented reality.

Come to life

Visitors need to download the Augle app to see the creations ‘come to life’. They have to point their phone cameras at the massive artwork presented on ten storefronts’ windows to engage with this enthralling art experience outdoors.

Support the community

Carol Jolly, The Junction BIA’s Executive Director, talked about their need to discover new ways and think outside the box to support the Junction community, their local businesses, and artists during the pandemic. Through creative thinking and collaboration, they have converted a challenging circumstance into a remarkable outdoor exhibition. Jolly then talked about Window Wonderland and that it presents an opportunity for them to view their local artists’ works that are brought to life on a large-scale on the Dundas Street West’s storefronts.

Toronto based artist Jasmine Pannu painting a storefront window in The Junction in preparation for ‘Window Wonderland’, Toronto’s first augmented reality outdoor art exhibition (CNW Group/The Junction BIA)

Jolly further said that the incredible event is bringing their eclectic neighborhood to life and providing people a reason to get outside during the winter. She then explained her goals; to support local shops, businesses, and artists during the colder months with a magical and safe experience that everyone will enjoy.

Marvelous virtual world

Window Wonderland visitors will love local art like never before. Using the Augle app and pointing their mobile devices at the artwork showcased in each of the ten art installations, people will witness the artwork change and then transport them to a marvelous virtual world.

How Window Wonderland Works?

  • Talented artists paint different scenes on Dundas Street West’s windows, inspired by the stores and their owners.
  • Local animators animate every scene to align with the painted store windows.
  • Visitors explore the Junction’s ten uniquely painted windows.
  • Visitors use the Augle augmented reality app, point their mobile phones at the art, and see an amazing series of virtual animations bringing the artworks to life.

Snow globe scene

Jasmin Pannu, who owns Jasmin Pannu Art Studio, said that she developed her installation to transport the Window Wonderland visitors into a magnificent snow globe scene. Pannu further said that she wanted to create the wondrousness and whimsy feelings that winter and the holidays bring. She portrayed the Junction as a beautiful community and that she wanted design aspects that inspire people to discover and connect.

Everyone can enjoy Window Wonderland as it is a family-friendly and safe outdoor public art experience.