Gaming is one of the most popular computer activities. New technologies are constantly arriving to make it possible to develop better and more powerful games that can be run in any standards-compliant web browser.

We develop software using cross-platform technology, which makes it easier to publish the same software on different operating systems and devices, saving you time and money!


ProTee Play

ProTee Play is the next generation cloud based Golf Gaming and Entertainment system for Golf Simulators which runs in your web browser. Use your Golf Simulator to kill zombies, play soccer, play american football, bowl, play darts, play carnival games, play longest drive or the neary, destroy stuff, or to entertain your kids with a wide selection of kids golfing games.

WW2 Fighter Planes AR

Survive intense dogfights in WW2 Fighter Planes AR. Fly around in augmented reality and use your phone or tablet camera to take your best shot at your enemies. Pick a side and fight for the Allies or the Axis.