Healthcare Institutions

Augmented and Virtual Reality are playing an ever-greater role in the medical world. From visualizing new departments and hospitals and practices to new forms of education. StickyLock is the leading specialist in the field of AR, VR, 360° video and serious gaming, and is also looking forward to offering creative solutions to your healthcare institution, using the very latest technologies.

Preparing patients with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality can be used in a variety of ways within healthcare. For example, it can be used to prepare people for an operation, or to set a child's mind at ease. With VR glasses they can go through the whole process and see everything from close up. That way they are familiar with all the various phases and elements of the operation and will be less scared.

Teaching in healthcare with Augmented and Virtual Reality

Courses for those studying to become a doctor or a nurse are naturally mostly theoretical in the beginning. This is followed by internships and courses for assistants in the hospital itself. Virtual Reality films are ideal for giving practical instruction in that case. For example, operations can be filmed, accompanied by an explanation. By using visualization, complex study material is more easily acquired and retained. Because students feel that they really are part of the practical experience, they take in the information much better and faster. This can also be achieved with Augmented Reality, as an addition to the study material. This enables students to see organs from close up, down to the smallest detail. Organs can also be animated so they can even be virtually dissected.

Serious gaming in healthcare

Also, serious gaming, is increasingly common in healthcare. Naturally, it is possible to use Augmented Reality for this. While following a game, the students can carry out practical exercises. Exercises can be repeated over and over again until they are done flawlessly. They learn from their initial mistakes and can then put into practice what they have learned.

Construction in healthcare with Virtual Reality

Besides this, Virtual Reality can be used in healthcare if, for example, a new department, a new building or even an entire new hospital is to be built. Designs come to life and this way you can show what everything will look like, without a single brick being laid.

Curious about the possibilities of AR and VR in healthcare? 

Would you like to find out what more we can offer your healthcare institution in the area of Augmented and Virtual Reality and serious gaming? We will be pleased to tell you about it. Our specialists work with an eye for detail and the very latest technologies. From ready-made solutions to custom-made solutions; everything is possible. Feel free to contact us for more information!


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