Augmented Reality in healthcare institutions

Educational solutions with AR

Augmented Reality (AR); offers great additions to study materials for the medical world. With AR, students can study organs and other body parts from up close without the need to have them physically on the table. Walk around them and look at the smallest details. Organs can also be animated so they can even be virtually dissected. AR can also be used for serious gaming, allowing students to carry out practical exercises. They will learn from the mistakes they initially make and can repeat exercises again and again while also putting what they've learned into practice!

Virtual Reality in healthcare institutions

Prepare for surgery with VR

Reduce the anxiety of surgery in children by preparing them for what's to come. Make the process transparent and explain as much as possible. Give children control by letting them determine for themselves what they are looking at and where they are going with Virtual Reality (VR) glasses. Everything can be viewed up close. At the time of the operation, they recognize the different phases and products and have already overcome the fear.

Learning goals with Virtual eality

Virtual Reality (VR) videos are ideal to give practical instructions. Surgeries can be filmed and explanations can be added. By using VR glasses, students can easily walk up to the patient to see everything from up close. Visualization ensures that complex issues that must be learned will be more easily acquired and the study material can be mastered more efficiently. They will feel that they are part of the practical experience so they will take in the information much better and faster!

The options of Augmented & Virtual Reality for your hospital

Both Augmented and Virtual Reality are excellent options when you want to improve the training programs given at your hospital. And apart from training programs, there are many more opportunities for using AR of VR. So why don't you contact us so we can discuss the options of Augmented & Virtual Reality for your hospital! 


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