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Augmented Reality, what can you actually do with that? Does It add value to your company and if so, what then? In this blog we describe the different applications for Augmented Reality and why this is interesting for you company!

Augmented Reality, what is that exactly?

With Augmented Reality glasses you can see the 'real world' at the same time as holograms. Behind these glasses is advanced technology that ensures that you can perceive holograms while you can still see the 'real' world in front of you. There are several products of these glasses, just think of the AR glasses from Google ('Google Glass') and social media such as Facebook ('Oculus') and Instagram ('Spectacles'). Other commercial companies have already entered the market with their AR products, such as the 'Bose Frames', the 'Magic Leap One' and the 'Microsoft HoloLens'. Android AR glasses also seem to be in development ('Samsung Glasses Lite') and Apple is (unofficially) working on smart iOS AR glasses. In short: this trend is in full development and will only be expanded in the coming years.

What are the professional benefits of AR?

There are several advantages to Augmented Reality within the business world. It is estimated that in the next 5 to 10 years, AR for business could grow into a multi-billion dollar market. Augmented Reality can, for example, be applied within retail, but also production environments and the medical industry. Because there are so many different application options, we will briefly discuss the advantages per industry below.

AR within the medical sector

For doctors and medical practitioner in training, AR can be used as a tool to practice performing (complex) operations and medical procedures. AR can serve as a preparation for a real operation. This speeds up the learning process of the doctor in training and because it is possible to practice in a 3D environment, this reduces the chance of errors in the future.

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Retail & Augmented Reality

The retail world and AR are no strangers to each other. In fact, AR is currently being used within several retail companies and chains. Customers can try out virtual 3D models (try before you buy) and try on clothes or glasses, for example, in a virtual fitting room. Interior shops (such as IKEA) can also create a virtual showroom in which their products are displayed, with or without an accompanying audio clip or music. Putting up a camping tent or trying out and customizing the latest SUV model in a virtual car showroom (DS Automobiles) is also possible. 

The manufacturing industry and AR

Designing production facilities and the associated construction process becomes a lot easier if a company uses AR. This not only saves time, but also helps to visualize, for example, the layout and map out an efficient work route in the workplace. 

Augmented Reality and education

Education benefits from an integration of Augmented Reality for various reasons. It reduces personnel costs, saves time and offers plenty of opportunities for training. With AR you get more insight into the curriculum in an accessible and low-threshold way. In addition, AR can be used widely. As indicated, this can be for medical courses as well as for courses in the field of electrical engineering, software or production. Incidentally, AR is suitable for both education and company training.

AR applications for logistics

In logistics it is important that work is done efficiently and that work processes run quickly and in a controlled manner. Where productivity, delivery rates and timely transport are very important, it is therefore all the more important that processes run smoothly. Augmented Reality can support this. For example, by optimizing work routes in warehouses on the basis of AR headsets that show employees the most efficient route (for example, think of names such as Amazon and DHL, which already implement this in practice) during order picking. This improves productivity and simplifies the work process for the employee.

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Let it be clear; the possibilities for AR are endless. Would you like to know more about this and how you can use this for your company? Please contact us , we are happy to think along with you for an application for your company!