Enrich packaging with AR Scanner

Display extra information in AR

When scanned, a QR code offering Augmented Reality (AR); on packaging adds extra information. Take, for example, a QR code on a bottle of wine: a video clip shows which region the grapes are came from and what will be the best dishes to go with the wine. More information on other drinks, dishes, pasta, candy, dairy products, etc. can also be an excellent addition. Such a clip can show beautiful images, but it can also be done playfully or through animation. They can tell wonderful stories, provide interesting facts or important information about allergens. The options for adding an enhanced experience to your packaging are endless.

Showing product examples with AR Scanner

When scanned, the QR codes offering Augmented Reality (AR) can provide additional information on products. Consumers can see the product at the shop without packaging and without the need to open it. They can see the actual product and know exactly what they are buying. Does it have the right color, is the material what you expected, and what is its exact size? This will reduce returns and thus save money.

Example of and result

Many frozen meals and ready-made food products, for instance, show all sorts of ingredients on the packaging. It's not always easy to visualize what the cooked dish will ultimately look like. Just like TV commercials, a QR code can show you this, but instead by using Augmented Reality (AR). It can show a delicious, colorful pasta dish, an Asian curry, or a wonderful breakfast. Add some beautiful, vivid images and see what you will get on your plate! With a beautiful and ‘tasteful’ presentation, consumers will be more inclined to buy the product and it reduces waste and loss of revenues. This option is, of course, also very suitable for toys and DIY packages that show the result 3D images, down to the smallest detail.

Interactive packaging with AR Scanner

Make your packaging interactive by printing a QR code. Scan the code with Augmented Reality (AR) and provide additional information about the product. Show animated clips that explain how to assemble the product or even link a game or competition. Our creativity will give you loads of options!


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