Augmented Reality games

Board games

Use Augmented Reality (AR) to add an extra experience and interaction to your board game. Your game will come to life and be even more fun to play. The combination of a board game and AR will create an amazing experience. Add play elements, background information, or give clues when players get stuck in the game. Such elements will also make playing the game much more dynamic.

Visualize board games

Board games are almost always packaged in a sealed box. Only the images on the box give an idea of what the game looks like. By adding a QR code, Augmented Reality (AR) can show what it really looks like, how it is played, and you can take away doubts about purchases and reduce returns. AR also increases the conversion rate because visuals trigger consumers to buy something.


A QR code with Augmented Reality (AR) adds visual and textual information to toys. It’s an easy way to show parents and children a 3D image of what the toy looks like without having to open the packaging. 3D models can be animated, showing how a toy can move and additional information can serve as a manual.

Implement AR in toys

Augmented Reality (AR); to a toy or game to create a 3D environment. Think of traffic play mats on which kids can drive their toy cars and doll houses in which they can see and direct the dolls to do things. AR adds an extra play element so children will have more fun playing with the toys and games, and play with them longer!

Virtual Reality games

VR boardgames

Apart from that, we also offer the option to create Virtual Reality games. For example, a board game in which all participants play as their own pawns and walk across the board. These are the family board games of the future! Every player is wearing a pair of VR glasses and tries to reach the finish line on the board by doing tasks, challenges, or simply by rolling a dice.

Are you not in the mood for a standard board game? Then maybe you'd enjoy a VR version of Clue or you can play a VR round of chess. The options for developing a VR game are endless, which is exactly why the application of VR is getting more and more popular.

Virtual Reality at home

With VR, you will feel as if you are really there. And because all players are wearing VR glasses, they are completely disconnected from the outside world, which only enhances the game experience even more!


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