Recreation & hospitality


Recreation & hospitality

Virtual and Augmented Reality can add a whole new experience to companies in recreation and hospitality. An experience; that is what this sector is all about. At StickyLock we have already provided creative solutions in the area of AR and VR to companies in this sector. Our specialists are ready to help you, with all the very latest technology!

AR in amusement parks and museums

In amusement parks, museums and zoos, everything centers on the visitors experience. By using Augmented Reality, it is possible to make this experience even more stimulating, intense and exciting. Stimulating the visitor to tell their friends and family about it, and of course, to come back. For instance, it is possible to make the queues for attractions more fun by providing them with a QR code, so that once it has been scanned all sorts of interactive games appear. Or maybe an interactive way to inform visitors, for example for artworks in museums or species of animals in a zoo. The possibilities are endless!

Virtual Reality lunch and dining; the possibilities for your restaurant

It is a growing phenomenon; restaurants that offer a Virtual Reality lunch or dinner. The lunch or the dinner has a particular theme and story, and via VR glasses you enjoy a special experience during the meal. Groups of friends and families often think this is amazing and, of course, it generates new customers. Besides this, there are also ways that Augmented Reality can be applied in your restaurant without changing the whole concept of the restaurant. For example, an interactive placemat which enables the adults at the table to learn about the origin of the dishes or the wines, while the children are kept occupied with games, so they are happy to stay seated at the table.

VR and 360° video in the travel industry

In the tourism and travel industry, VR or 360° videos contribute to reliability and confidence, resulting in increased conversion rates. With a 360° video or by means of Virtual Reality, potential customers can look around the area and can view the hotel room or holiday home in detail. This way they know straight away whether it meets their requirements. Besides this, this form of publishing of holidays and accommodation can also be used successfully for marketing purposes; customers are more likely to book on a website where they really can see everything, than on one where that is not the case.

Curious to find out what we can do for your company?

If you are engaged in the hospitality or recreation sector, then VR, 360° video and Augmented Reality can offer your company a great deal of added value and an extra experience. Naturally, you choose StickyLock for this; we are the leading specialist in the field of AR, VR and 360° video, and we can offer both ready-made solutions with a short time-to-market and custom-made solutions. Always with an eye for detail and with the very latest technologies. Feel free to contact us, to talk about the possibilities!


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