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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360° media are in essence tailor-made for the sale of products and services and to stimulate projects. They are tools to give customers more insight and experience, so they will be more likely to be persuaded to buy something or to do business with your company. StickyLock is the leading specialist in the field of VR and AR, and knows just how to use these in marketing campaigns and media publications.

How can we help you?

Augmented Reality in advertising

Advertising is much more effective with Augmented Reality. People are exposed to a daily torrent of adverts and have become immune to them. We don't even see ordinary adverts anymore, and getting noticed is becoming increasingly difficult. In contrast, AR adverts are eye-catching and ensure that your advert is looked at. Besides this, you can take things even further than an AR advert. For example, we can develop an AR filter for you, making it possible to visualize clothing, sunglasses or even make-up. This way customers know straight away whether a product is to their taste and with one press of a button they can buy it or share it on social media, resulting in increasing customer engagement.

Virtual Reality and 360° video advertising

Virtual Reality can also be used in advertising. Virtual Reality doesn't just mean advertising that you can only see with VR glasses. Because nobody scrolls through their mobile phone or computer screen wearing VR glasses. Virtual Reality advertising also includes the 360° video. For example, advertisements from Nike, where you are standing on a football field and can look all around you, just by moving your phone. And of course, with you wearing Nike shoes. These types of creative campaigns foster shareability and likeability, and naturally, they increase the conversion rate for your product.

Are Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality advertising going to enhance your campaign too? 

StickyLock is ready to design, develop and publish the most creative campaigns with you, in combination with Augmented Reality or 360° media. We have the right specialists in-house, working with the very latest technology, to make a success of your campaign. With our eye for detail, all types of custom-made solutions are possible. Curious to find out what we can do for your campaign? Then get in touch with us!


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