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Most educational institutions now agree: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are extremely useful in the classroom. However, there is still considerable doubt about how these new techniques can be used best. 

Schools and educational institutions seem to want to work with AR and VR, but it looks like that they’re not sure how to use these tools. Fortunately, we at StickyLock know how to, and would like to share this knowledge with you. In this article we will explain how to organize a good educational lesson with the help of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Online classes: the use of Augmented- and Virtual Reality

Especially in times of Corona, when teachers are forced to teach from behind a screen, AR and VR can offer a great addition to the curriculum. The trick in teaching online is of course to hold the students’ attention and to teach them what they need to learn in a correct way. That is why it is important that your AR or VR lesson have the right structure and build-up, so that your students do not get bored, but instead look forward to your lesson.

Learning objectives

Think carefully about what you want to teach your students, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can be applied at any age group, but you must have thought it out well. Chances are, that your students know a lot more about technology than you do. Because they grew up in the digital area and are still in the middle of this development. Working with AR and VR gives your students the opportunity to work on their 21st century skills. The possibilities are endless with this hi-tech, so think outside the box and see how your students can achieve their learning goals in a creative way.

Storytelling with AR and VR

What’s more fun: You talking about the ancient Roman culture, or letting your student experience it for themselves? The second one of course! By plunging them into that world though Virtual Reality they can experience it! When they themselves are part of a lifelike story that took place ages ago, it makes a lot more impact than when you tell it during your digital lecture. Make sure your story makes a positive impression, so don’t create frightening situations where your students feel scared. That just works counterproductive.

When these experiences are positive, impressive, and interesting it will create an extremely strong connection between braincells. The stronger these connections are, the easier it becomes for students to remember the information. This is called: brain learning, and the immersive nature of VR and AR means that strong brain connections can be made.

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Online teaching with gamification

This point is closely related to the previous point. We have told you that experiencing a moment is much more impressive and provides a much stronger brain connections than simply reading or hearing about it. You can make these brain connections even stronger by making the experience interactive. The students will not only participate in the story but will play a direct role in it. You can let them assume the role of a lord/ lady but also so role or pauper. This way they can influence the story by switching perspective.

StickyLock has the solution for online teaching

We at StickyLock have a lot of experience with making AR and VR for educational purposes and are happy to sit down with you and make a well-thought-out plan for the curriculum. Are you looking for a step-by-step program? Slimmer Pro made an excel-sheet with an extensive plan. This plan in combination with one of our AR or VR solutions almost guarantees a great lesson!

Curious about the possibilities for your company? contact us StickyLock to see what we can do for you.