Fitting clothes with Augmented Reality

Fit clothes online

Get a piece of clothing from a website or app and place it on your body, head, or feet and see how it fits and suits you! The strength of Augmented Reality (AR) is that you’ll know exactly if the item will be to your taste.


Look at the shoes from all sides, place them on your feet to see how they fit.


See whether clothing items fit and choose the best outfits. Look at the items from all angles and determine the size and the perfect combination.


Place a watch on your wrist, a necklace on your neck, or the stunning earrings in your ears and see how they match your outfit.

Show clothes collections with AR

The collection is always available for virtual fittings and you need less space to display your entire collection. You’ll reduce the number of returns and save time and money as clients know exactly what they are buying.

Fitting clothes online with AR: the best of both worlds

People buy more and more clothes online. It's easy, fast, and you don't have to leave your house. Ideal, right? It certainly is but, at the same time, it also results in vast numbers of return shipments because the clothes don't fit or don't look as nice as imagined. That's because buying clothes online has one huge disadvantage: the items can't be tried on. Augmented Reality changes that and offers the customer an experience that combines buying clothes online with the opportunity to actually try them on.

The benefits of selling clothes with Augmented Reality

So selling clothes online with AR has lots of advantages. That means that this also applies to the selling client! When selling clothes online, you want to minimize the number of returns. First of all, customers who can already check online if an item fits them or not will be quicker to decide whether or not they really want the product. Therefore, the number of returns will go down. Secondly, AR is also a great marketing tool; who wouldn't want to try on new clothes online? As there are still very few companies that offer this technology, it is a unique way to distinguish yourself from other online clothing stores.

Do you also want to use Augmented Reality for your clothing store?

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