Augmented Reality for interiors

Visualize an article and place it in the space you want to see it in. See if it is the article you like from all angles. The collection is always available for viewing. Apart from that, you need less space to show your entire collection. Distinguish yourself and show your clients what you can do.

Digital house decorating

With Augmented Reality (AR), you can help your clients with the hardest part of the purchase process, which is visualization. Give your clients the option to see your range of furniture inside their own living room before they place their order. Just use the camera of a smartphone or tablet to let clients place 3D model of your furniture items in the live environment. Take away any doubts, reduce returns, and increase your conversion rate.


Give your clients the option to see the end result of all the choices they have, for example when placing a wardrobe. When a certain type of furniture offers loads of options, clients often find it hard to visualize their choice. So why not let them configure a wardrobe themselves? Eliminate doubts, reduce the chance of returns, and increase your conversion rate with a configurator on your website or via an app.

Digital garden decoration

Give your clients the option to virtually place garden furniture in their garden with their smartphone or tablet with Augmented Reality (AR); They can place 3D models in their garden and instantly see the result. Compare products, see if they match with their interior or if they brighten up the garden even before the article is bought.

Digital bedroom decoration

Let your clients furnish their bedrooms by using Augmented Reality (AR)! They can compare different beds, see which one fits and how much space will be left. Everything is possible. The only thing they need is a smartphone or tablet and they can simply place 3D models of your products in their home; which makes it that much easier to choose.


Let clients configure their beds on your website or via an app. The configurator that your company can offer provides them with all the options. It allows clients to see what the bed will look like after they have chosen the options they want. Use visualization to reduce returns and eliminate doubts with optimal product experience.


Showrooms rarely display all their kitchens in the different colors they can offer. With Augmented Reality (AR), you can now make them all digitally available in 3D. Clients can use their smartphone or tablet to place kitchen units and extras inside their live kitchen. They can then compare units and colors and see which kitchen will match perfectly with the rest of their interior design. AR greatly helps with the decision-making process.

Office furniture

Many companies furnish their offices in the same way. But which pieces of furniture actually fit in the various spaces and what is the right size to choose? With Augmented Reality (AR), your clients can furnish entire spaces just by using their smartphone or tablet without first ordering the products. Now they can be sure of their choice and you will reduce the number of returns. You can also take away any doubts clients may have and put your company at the top of the list of competitors by using innovative technologies.


Place heating elements or a (wood) burner in the room and look at it from all angles and up to every little detail. Clients can see exactly how a product will fit in their home! They will be given a much better product experience because Augmented Reality (AR) lets them see exactly what they actually purchase. This helps with the decision-making process. The collection is always available for virtual viewings and you need a much smaller showroom to display your entire collection.


Eliminate any doubts clients may have by giving them the option to visualize the size of, for example, a TV screen in their living room. With Augmented Reality (AR), they can see which size will be most suitable and look best in their house. This will ensure that clients make the right choice, you can take away doubts, clients will sooner decide to order a product and you can increase your conversion rate.

Kitchen appliances

Augmented Reality (AR) allows you to see if a washing machine or fridge will fit in the spot the client intends to put it in, even without taking measurements. Clients can also compare different models. This will reduce the chance of unpleasant surprises on delivery and the number of returns while increasing client satisfaction.

Interior in Virtual Reality


Use VR to furnish or decorate your environment and then walk through it. With VR, you can walk around or through an object and show what the possibilities are. By using VR, you can save costs during the design process.


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