Within industry, Virtual and Augmented Reality can be applied in many wide-ranging contexts. Whether you are thinking of the development of cars, aircraft and ships or their maintenance and providing remote assistance. StickyLock is the leading specialist in the field of AR and VR and has already enriched a number of companies in industry with our AR and VR solutions.

How can we be of use?

Virtual Reality in industry

Selling something that doesn't exist yet is one of the hardest things to do. And this is also the case in industry, for example for the production of ships, cars and aircraft. You want to be able to show what it will look like; to offer people not just a picture, but also an experience. Virtual Reality makes that possible. StickyLock creates products entirely according to your wishes and precisely how they should look, so when your client puts on VR glasses they can walk through the new ship or aircraft, or go for a drive in their future car. This saves time, increases the chance of conversion, and of course it is a great promotional tool.

VR training within industry

Besides this, Virtual Reality can also be successfully applied in the area of training in industry. For example, VR training in the assembly of a machine or how to use certain tools. VR creates lifelike experiences, which means you do not need to design or construct physical situations. This not only saves money and time, but also reduces the risk of accidents. For example, it is also possible to demonstrate safety rules in emergency situations in the form of a VR video.

Augmented Reality in industry

Augmented Reality also contributes in visualization in industry. Interiors of ships and cars can, for instance, be designed by the buyer. Or you can place the ship in the harbor so that people can walk around it and see it from every angle. All the specific elements can be viewed one by one and from all sides. Visualization is the ultimate way to convey information; it is compelling and fosters the decision-making process of the client.

Curious about the possibilities of AR and VR in industry?

Are you curious to find out what AR and VR can offer your company? We will be pleased to tell you more about it, and we have the necessary specialists ready to assist you. They work with the very latest technology, and always have an eye for detail. From ready-made to specific custom-made solutions; everything is possible. Feel free to contact us, to talk about the possibilities!


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