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Virtual Reality: it is popping up more and more. However, for some people it is still unclear what VR is and how it works. In this blog we will explain more about Virtual Reality (VR).

As soon as you put on Virtual Reality glasses, it takes you to another dimension. You mainly use Virtual Realty for simulations, but also for watching movies or playing games. You always need VR glasses for this. 

What is Virtual Reality?

VR glasses is a must when experiencing Virtual Reality. The VR glasses can be shaped as a box, that you can use glasses in which you can click your mobile phone. An image is then projected on the screen. This image has a 360-degree view, so if you move, the screen moves with you. This makes it seem like you are in the middle of a new environment. Enjoy the full experience from the sofa of your living room, you can walk through a jungle in South America of on Mars for example. 

That is how it works.

There are several aspects that make Virtual Reality seem so realistic. The most important aspect is of course the visual aspect. Your brain starts to believe that you are in a three-dimensional space. VR uses techniques for this so that the light from a scene falls on your eyes from different angles. When your brain merges those two images, it creates depth. That depth is also created by parallax. This means that what you see in the foreground moves faster than the things you see in the background.

For your brain to really think that you are in a different room, a certain number of Frames Per Second (FPS) must be displayed. In this way, everything ‘moves’ at same the pace as in the real world, approximately 60 FPS.

Another important aspect is the field of vision. A person has a field of vision of about 180 degrees. What you see in the VR glasses must therefor be as wide as possible. The 180 degrees is often not yet reached, because in most cases the digital field of view is around 100 degrees. 

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Extras for the experience.

To make the experience as real as possible, we respond to as many senses as we can. That is why sound is also extremely important for your VR experience. Many VR glasses can therefor emit sound spatially, so that you hear the sound louder in one ear than the other. For example, when a train on the screen is approaching from the right, you will hear it best with your right ear.

Nowadays, participant of VR can play entire games and actions with their glasses on. Their movements are fully included in the game. This is done by means of controllers. These detect your movement so that they can be executed in the virtual world.

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