Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) offers an enhanced product experience. It gives your product a new dimension. Lifelike experience that leads to higher customer loyalty. AR is an interactive experience with which you place digital 3D objects in reality, by using a smartphone or tablet. You see the environment with these objects flawlessly added into it, and they can be viewed from every angle right down to the smallest details. This way the real world is enriched with additional digital information.

Higher conversion rate

Consumers are quicker to buy the product.

Reduction of online returns

Men kan alle details gemakkelijk levensecht waarnemen.

High attention level

AR is anything but mainstream, so it is unique and remarkable.

Clothing & Fashion


the clothing industry

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Visualize clothing

Clothing is returned terribly frequently. The solution? Fitting your outfit with AR! Your customers can easily try on an item of clothing via your app for their body, head or feet, and see whether it suits them! The strength of AR is that you know, as a customer, whether the outfit is to your taste and fits you. This eliminates customer’s doubts and reduces product returns.


As a retailer, you benefit from reduced returns, but above all you need less space to display your clothing. Because your customers see the clothing and try it on at home with AR.


Place furniture directly in your living room,

without heavy lifting!

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Furniture & home accessories

With Augmented Reality (AR) you help customers with the difficult phase of the purchase, namely visualization. This is now possible because your customers can see your furniture in their own living room, even before they buy it. They install with the greatest of ease. 3D model of your furniture in the live environment, by means of the camera of a smartphone or tablet. This way you remove doubts, reduce returns and increase your conversion.


Would you like to see the end result of a cupboard or sofa after all the chosen options? That is also possible! If a piece of furniture has too many options, visualization is often difficult for your customers. They can assemble a piece of furniture themselves with the configurator. Here too, the following applies: increasing your conversion, removing doubts and reducing the chance of returns with a configurator on your website or via an app.


Think outside the box!

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A packaging can be a lot more than just a container for a product. The growing e-commerce market is stimulating innovation in packaging; for example in theft-prevention and sustainability. Augmented Reality (AR) is an innovation in the area of enhanced transfer of information and visual experience before buying a product. It helps in the purchase process and reduces returns. After all, the product experience always needs to start with the packaging!


Make your packaging interactive by printing a QR code on it. Scan the code with the camera of your smartphone or tablet and digital information about the product is displayed by means of AR. Show an animation how the product should be put together, or link it to a competition. With our creativity there are plenty of options!


By using AR you can give your webshop a boost. And the step to AR is only a small one, when you already use 3D models on your website.


We are always open to brainstorm together, to explore new
innovative possibilities and get to work for you personally.



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