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As a Dutch Gamestudio we’d like to do something cool for our Dutch fanbase! StickyLock is going to Comic Con on the 20th and 21st of November this year! And we want a lucky few of our fanbase to come and see us there! We’ll have one of the biggest stands on the event where you guys will be able to play Histera for the first time!

That’s why we are giving away 3x 2 tickets for Comic Con. So that’s a ticket for you and a friend! This giveaway is ONLY for our fanbase living in the Netherlands, so make sure you’re able to prove you do live here. Also, when we suspect you’re not living here we might ask you for proof.

Then now, let’s get on with the rules of the giveaway!


Step 1. Follow StickyLock Games on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Step 2. Follow Histeragame on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Step 3. Wishlist Histera on Steam and send us a screenshot via DM.

For an extra entry: Comment on your social media of choice who you’d like to take with you

You can enter on each social media platform once. Per platform we’ll give away 1x 2 tickets for Dutch Comic Con. So for better chances at winning you can enter on all platforms.

StickyLock Games Social Media

Correspondence Address

Zekeringstraat 17
1014 BM  Amsterdam

Visiting address

Bredaseweg 85
4872 LA Etten-Leur
Telephone: +31 (0)20 894 6434
E-mail: info@stickylock.com

For more information, apply for an AR brochure !
We will send it to you.