Augmented Reality marketing

AR marketing campaign

Give your 2D campaigns, like the ones on social media, an extra dimension by adding a QR code with Augmented Reality (AR). Truly bring your highlighted product to life within its actual environment! You can also use AR to add fun features to a campaign, just like the well-known Burger King “Burn that ad” campaign. Activate your clients and direct their focus to your brand interactively to get even more attention.

The informative benefit of AR marketing

Augmented Reality (AR) works informatively by adding additional information to a product. Think of a QR code that you scan at a real car, which will then give information about the engine, the multimedia system, the rims, you name it. You need fewer sales employees because clients can find the information they want for themselves. Besides that, such convenience and the option to get more information instantly will speed up the decision-making process.

Visualize your marketing campaign with AR

With larger products, like playground equipment, it can be hard to imagine how big they really are. Clients would like to see how much space will be left when they want to place a playhouse, for example, in their garden. Now these clients can use Augmented Reality (AR) and place the product in their garden and gain much more insight into all aspects of the product before they buy it. This will reduce the chance of returns and eliminate doubts, and you will increase your conversion rate.

Virtual Reality and 360-degree Media

A 360° promotional film presents your company transparently and innovatively. By filming all aspects of your business, you show your clients that you have nothing to hide. Combine 360° videos and Virtual Reality (VR) to give your clients an unforgettable experience that will make them feel part of the film!

Branding and storytelling

Branding is often an important part of the activities for online marketing agencies. Augmented Reality (AR) shows that you are innovative and fully up to date with the latest technologies. Thanks to visualization, AR also offers a functional addition and a wow-factor!

Is AR or VR marketing something for your company? 

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