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StickyLock Blogs

5 musea met virtuele tours

5 Museums with Virtual Tours

Museums in the Netherlands are still going to be closed for a while, due to Corona. Fortunately, many museums

Immersive Blogs!

We also find it important to be innovative, to share new innovations and developments. This way you can stay informed about what is currently happening in the world of Virtual and Augmented reality and more!

Crimedoor: A New Augmented Reality App that Allows People to Help Unravel the “Delphi Murder” Case
There is a sensational new app that lets people into some of the most baffling cold cases of the country. Crimedoor—the leading augmented reality app now recreates crime scenes that allow people to solve unsolved murder cases. The app recently announced its...
Texas Winery Shake Hands with VISION, debuts AR Wine Labels
The rich wine-making heritage in the state and a creator in Texas wine, Messina Hof come-to-terms with the VISION production group, a highly celebrated, ingenious media group. The business operators of both organizations were excited to announce the launch of...
Snap acquires British Research Lab Ariel AI, Expects to Enhanve Its Augmented Reality Features
Snap, the parent company of the popular social media app Snapchat, has recently announced their acquisition of Ariel AI—a British artificial intelligence start-up that specializes in AR technology. The London-based start-up was founded in 2018 by a group of former...
Entertainment Companies Offer Senior Citizens the Virtual Reality Film ‘7 Miracles’
Two entertainment firms are joining hands to present a virtual reality movie to senior citizens who are isolated by the present lockdowns imposed for controlling the spread of the Coronavirus. The flick is based on the Gospel of John and is named “7 Miracles”. Due to...
Liberty Bell – An AR Artwork at the Battery Through July 2021
Like numerous American Revolution symbols, the Liberty Bell symbolizes independence and civilian freedom in the country. Philadelphia’s cracked Liberty Bell portrays a larger truth – that freedom stays inconsistent and distorted in the United States. It inspired Baker...

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