Augmented reality in de automotive branche

Visualize vehicles in AR

Augmented Reality is making huge leaps in the automotive branch. For example, you can now let your clients park a digital car on their parking spot or driveway and let them see the car from different angles. They can even zoom in to see the smallest valve cap. Your clients will know exactly what their car will look like in real life, they can go easily go over all the details and even take a look inside. A great promotion for your company and an innovative way to speed up the decision-making process.

Let clients configure their own car in AR

Clients add the options they want to their car in 3D! They choose the color, the interior, the kind of dashboard, rims, etc. Your clients will find it easy to configure their dream car and they can already imagine it on their driveway!

Provide information about the car with Augmented Reality

Providing information in the automotive branch is also made easier with AR. Let your clients scan a QR code and present the car digitally with all its information in Augmented Reality. See how easy it has become to provide extra information about the car. AR makes this information quickly accessible and it helps potential clients with their final order. An innovative way to put additional focus on the car you wish to sell and a ground-breaking communication tool for your company.

Visualize car parts in AR

Show 3D car parts with their specifications in Augmented Reality (AR). Choose the right rim from a list, place it directly underneath your car and the result is instantly visible. Simply place another rim to compare them. This way, you can offer your clients an innovative way to choose the rim or any other accessory they want. Offer this sales-enhancing tool to your clients and distinguish yourself in the market!

Virtual reality in the automotive branch

VR automotive

Besides AR, VR offers the automotive branch several new options as well. Let your clients wear a pair of VR glasses and they can experience what sitting in their potentially new car will feel like. Now you can offer your clients a whole new experience that will certainly speed up their decision-making process and increase car sales. 

360° promo video

360° films are video recordings made with a special camera that simultaneously shoots images from all directions. Look around and zoom in or out wherever you want. You decide what you see. A revealing promotion for your company.


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