Augmented Reality

AR mapping

An Augmented Reality (AR) map on your smartphone will show you where to go. For instance, it can put children in control when visiting an amusement park! It will teach them how to read a map and they will be focused for much longer. Visitors can take the fast routes so kids tire less quickly and can spend more time inside the park. By adding smart ads such as: “you will pass a candy booth in 100 meters”, the park can increase its conversion rate.

Walking routes and scavenger hunts

Place 3D-figures on walking routes in a park so walkers can scan them with Augmented Reality (AR). Add an extra experience to the real world and offer walkers a fun and interactive trail. Add puzzles and riddles to increase the fun and have visitors search for the next surprise. Encourage walkers to take and share AR-photos to entice other walkers.

AR games

We can develop various games with Augmented Reality mapping, such as quests. Give your zoo or amusement park an extra game element that is educational or especially fun. Your visitors will have an overwhelming day that they will not soon forget.

Information attractions

Use Augmented Reality (AR) to show a teaser of how an attraction works or looks from the inside. It will trigger parents and kids to ride certain attractions. You can also take away doubts or let children know that rides are not that scary as they think to increase visits.

Mascottes op de AR map

With Augmented Reality (AR), you can easily place mascots, puppets, and other amusement park objects in the live environment so people can take photos. It gives the park an additional and interactive element and visitors will walk around longer to capture them. They can create great and fun memories to take home! You can even add the occasional contest or promotional campaign with prizes on social media and further increase the attention for your park.


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