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5 Museums with Virtual Tours Museums in the Netherlands are still going to be closed for a while, due to Corona. Fortunately, many museums have not been idle at all since you can now also have a look around different museums from the comfort of your own living room. Interactive museums are becoming increasingly popular, because of the pandemic. All this is possible thanks to Virtual- and Augmented RealityWe have made a list of the best museums to visit, virtually (!).

1. The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is, of course, mainly known for the Night Watch (the world-famous painting by Rembrandt van Rijn) that is displayed there. Besides the many other beautiful works of art, the building is also extremely beautiful and is worth a closer look. The Rijksmuseum has put together a great online tour , where you can view everything at your own pace.

2. Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision

Speaking of cross-media productions, the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision had done its utmost best. For example, a collection has been created called ‘Heimwee TV’ in which images from old programs are combined. Wonderfully nostalgic. You can also walk through the entire museum, so that you are able to experience the Sound and Vision experience from up close.

3. Mauritshuis

The Mauritshuis in The Hague has done its best to put one of the Netherlands’ most genius artists in the limelight. The digital digital exhibition of the Mauritshuis is all about the Delft painter Johannes Vermeer. You can view a specially developed exhibition of the artist in AR and have a look at the paintings in great detail.

4. Groninger Museum

The Groninger Museum has also made use of the opportunity. Various exhibitions including Chichult, Mondo Mendi and Posters for Vera, can be viewed in a 360-degree video . In addition, the museum has collected many fun assignments and chores, so that you can also get started at home!

5. Lakenhal

We conclude this list with the Lakenhal in Leiden. This museum had done its best to be able to bring out its art and exhibitions. And has made a beautiful 360-degree video through the halls of the museum. These rooms were only restored and expanded after two years, making is look extra beautiful. Definitely worth it!

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