There is a sensational new app that lets people into some of the most baffling cold cases of the country. Crimedoor—the leading augmented reality app now recreates crime scenes that allow people to solve unsolved murder cases.

The app recently announced its collaboration with Kelsi German, the sister of the Delphi murder case victim Libby German. Libby, along with her friend Abby Williams, was murdered tragically in Delphi, Indiana in the year 2017. However, the case remained unresolved. Crimedoor, through their new partnership with Kelsi German, launches the Delphi Murder Crimedoor on their platform that lets users get into the crime scene via augmented reality. It is hoped that the venture will shed some new light on some unanswered questions related to the case.

The Delphi Murders

The Delphi Murders are one of the most notorious cold cases in the history of the nation. Despite the extensive efforts from law enforcement and over 26,000 tips received from the public, the case still remains unsolved. Even the cops retrieved a voice recording of the prime suspect and released it to the public, but with no luck. This is where Crimedoor comes into the picture. The augmented reality app developed by the husband and wife duo Lauren and Neil Mandt gives its users the opportunity to virtually enter the crime scene and investigate.

Solve the crime

The developers categorically stated that Crimedoor is not about celebrating killers. Rather, it is a platform to give a voice to the victims and their families. Their prime concern is to solve the crime. To this end, the developers give the utmost effort to recreate the crime scene with every possible detail. They hope that the technology of augmented reality will be pivotal in this regard.

Renewed attention

In their mission, Crimedoor has also partnered with Paul Holes, the famous cold-case detective who helped solve cases like Golden State Killer, Zodiac, and Jaycee Dugard cases. He said that his present purpose is to give the victims’ families a chance to attract renewed attention to their cases and bring closure. He hopes that the AR technology will become instrumental and may enable someone to identify the killer.

Unrestricted acces

Through Crimedoor, police, journalists, and the public alike will get unrestricted access to the crime scene with the help of the AR recreations of the photo evidence of the places. Detective Holes states that the AR technology will help revisit the crime scenes, and the spatial presence will be instrumental in gaining new leads. He also believes that AR technology will become instrumental in solving criminal cases in the future. He describes the value of the technology in solving cold cases as critical as the introduction of DNA.

Relevant evidence

Along with the augmented reality doors, the augmented reality app Crimedoor has included geo-location tags to identify cold cases across the world. Additionally, all of the profiles feature relevant evidence and supporting materials, including articles, videos, podcasts, images, and more—all stored in one place.