Augmented Reality can be in many ways a futuristic and impressive implementation on common solutions. In this case business cards is a simple but plain information exchanging from  one to another. But on a digital level, there can be a lot of information added to create an amazing interactive display of business information to completely know your client or businesspartner in a split second!

It works also very simple with our AR Scanner app, just scan the business card and the interactive digital information layer will pop up! Think of links to social media pages, video’s, image slideshows, contact links and more.


Augmented Reality will undoubtedly be an addition to your company, but how will it add value to your business model?

  • We would like to have a chat with you to discover the possibilities within your organization, there are always possibilities!
  • The answer to your question could lie in our ready-made solutions which we would like to tell you all about!
  • We’re constantly looking for new innovative techniques, what does not exist could be soon!

Stand out from the crowd and create marketing that literally jumps from your mobile device. Fuel customer interaction with your brand and distinguish from your competition!

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