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Wij vinden het ook belangrijk om naast innovatief bezig te zijn, wereldwijde nieuwe innovaties en ontwikkelingen te delen. Zo blijf je op de hoogte van wat er op dit moment speelt in de wereld van Virtual- en Augmented reality en meer!

Virtual Reality Forests Could Allow People to Better Understand Climate Change
The effects of climate change are quite hard to grasp at times. However, now, geographers have developed a VR forest that allows people to explore a web – based forest and witness what may happen to the trees in the future. Alexander Klippel, a geography professor,...
Niantic Plans to Create a Smarter World Map For an AR Future
Niantic, the game development startup, firmly believes that it knows about the future of consumer computing; it will head towards augmented reality. Niantic, the creators of ‘Pokemon GO’, hopes to develop an early advantage in foundational augmented reality...
‘Window Wonderland’ – Toronto’s Magical AR Outdoor Art Exhibition
Window Wonderland is a unique, interactive, and magical way to walk and explore Toronto’s Junction neighborhood. MEDS Junction Pharmacy is presenting this exciting event from 14th November 2020 – 31st January 2021 and will be the area’s first annual immersive urban...
‘Rezzil Player 21’ – A Consumer Version of Rezzil’s VR Football Training Platform
Rezzil, a virtual reality training provider, has announced the debut of ‘Rezzil Player 21’, its home consumer version. Available on Valve Index and HTC Vive, the firm has created Rezzil Player 21 with its virtual reality simulation technology, which helps train...
The First VR Device to Get an FDA Designation for Treating Acute Pain
AppliedVR recently made an announcement about its EaseVRx headset. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given Breakthrough Device Designation to the Los Angeles-based VR firm’s product. Now, AppliedVR can use its EaseVRx headset for treating chronic intractable...

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