A room should smile at you and create fantasy. StickyLock allows you to swipe endlessly until you have a interior that does exactly that! Allow your fantasy to create without heavy lifting or other physical exercise and experience a new interior within a few minutes.

Designing and combining your interior could be a stressful activity. Why would you need spend a lot of time looking for that perfect couch? Furniture store owners or resellers can now display their collection in a 3D virtual true size object that looks exactly like the original and ensures a more fun and effective way of shopping!

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As an architect, visualisation of a project is crucial. With StickyLock, architects are able to experience their projects when it’s still at the earliest stages of design.

Think of the surrounding environment in combination with a architectural project in mixed reality for a full experience into the future. Or even with the use of headsets to step directly into a building or space to see how their designs might look en possible make changes right on the spot.  It’s an opportunity to already see and feel how the end result will be!

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